Kata berawalan huruf T

take the fifth amendment take the floor
take the stage take the stand
take time by the forelock take time off
take to be take to heart
take to the woods take turns
take up arms take water
take-home take-home pay
take-up takeaway
takeh takein
takelma taken
taken up taken with
takeoff booster takeoff rocket
takeout food takeover
takeover attempt takeover bid
taker takeup
takhayul takhlik
takhta taki
takik takikan
takimeter takin
taking apart taking hold
taking over takingoff
takir takisme
takjub taklamakan desert
taklif taklik
taklim taklimakan desert
takluk taklukan
takmurni takoah
takometer takraw
takrim takrir
taksasi taksem
taksidermi taksimeter
taksir taksiran
taksologi takson
taktik taktil
takuh takuk
takur takut
takut-takutan takwa
takwim takwin
takziah takzim
tal tala
talah talai
talam talang
talar talaria
talasemia talasofit
talbot talbotype
talcose talcott parsons
talcum powder tale
talebearer talebearing
taleful talegalla
talempong talen
talent talent agent
talenta talented
talentlessness tales
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