Kata berawalan huruf O

obituarium obituary
object ball object code
object language object lens
object of a preposition object of the verb
object recognition object-oriented database
object-oriented programing object-oriented programing language
object-oriented programming language objectable
objectify objection
objectionableness objectionably
objectivate objectivation
objective case objective lens
objectiveness objectivity
objectless objector
objekan objektif
objektivitas objet d'art
objicient objuration
objurgation objurgatory
oblanceolate oblanceolate leaf
oblate oblateness
oblation oblationer
oblatration oblatum
oblectation obligable
obligate obligate anaerobe
obligation obligational
obligatorily obligatoriness
oblige obliged
obligement obliger
obligingly obligingness
obliquation oblique
oblique bandage oblique case
oblique vein of the left atrium oblique-angled
obliquely obliqueness
oblite obliterable
obliterated obliteration
obliterator oblivion
obliviousness oblocutor
oblong leaf oblong woodsia
oblongatal oblongish
oblongness oblongovate
obloquious obloquy
obmutescence obnoxious
obnoxiousness obnubilate
oboe oboe d'amore
oboist obolary
obolize obolo
obomegoid obor
obovate obovate leaf
obral obralan
obreption obreptitious
obrok obrol
obrus obscene
obscenity obscurant
obscurantist obscuration
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