Kata berawalan huruf I

in common in concert
in condition in darkness
in detail in dishabille
in due season in due time
in effect in essence
in evidence in extremis
in fiscal matters in flight
in force in front
in full action in full swing
in general in good order
in good taste in good time
in hand in haste
in her own right in her right mind
in high spirits in his own right
in its own right in kind
in league in line
in love in low spirits
in name only in no time
in one case in one ear
in one's own right in operation
in other words in particular
in perpetuity in person
in play in point of fact
in principle in private
in question in reality
in secret in series
in short order in sight
in small stages in so far
in some way in someone's way
in spite of appearance in stages
in store in straitened circumstances
in style in tandem
in that location in that respect
in the adjacent house in the air
in the bargain in the beginning
in the end in the first place
in the lead in the least
in the lurch in the main
in the midst in the nick of time
in the raw in the same breath
in the way in their right minds
in this in time
in truth in turn
in unison in use
in vacuo in vain
in vivo in vogue
in your birthday suit in-basket
in-bounds in-chief
in-joke in-law
in-migration in-person
in-tray in-your-face
ina inability
inablement inabstinence
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