Definisi 'hog'
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1 a person regarded as greedy and pig-like
source: wordnet30
2 a sheep up to the age of one year; one yet to be sheared
source: wordnet30
3 domestic swine
source: wordnet30
4 A quadruped of the genus Sus, and allied genera of Suidæ; esp., the domesticated varieties of S. scrofa, kept for their fat and meat, called, respectively, lard and pork; swine; porker; specifically, a castrated boar; a barrow.
source: webster1913
5 take greedily; take more than one's share
source: wordnet30
6 To cut short like bristles; as, to hog the mane of a horse.
source: webster1913
7 To become bent upward in the middle, like a hog's back; -- said of a ship broken or strained so as to have this form.
source: webster1913
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