Definisi 'hardness'
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1 the property of being rigid and resistant to pressure; not easily scratched; measured on Mohs scale
source: wordnet30
2 a quality of water that contains dissolved mineral salts that prevent soap from lathering
• the costs of reducing hardness depend on the relative amounts of calcium and magnesium compounds that are present
source: wordnet30
3 devoid of passion or feeling; hardheartedness
source: wordnet30
4 the quality of being difficult to do
• he assigned a series of problems of increasing hardness
• the ruggedness of his exams caused half the class to fail
source: wordnet30
5 excessive sternness
• severity of character
• the harshness of his punishment was inhuman
• the rigors of boot camp
source: wordnet30
6 The quality or state of being hard, literally or figuratively.
source: webster1913
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