Definisi 'habitation'
English to English
1 the native habitat or home of an animal or plant
source: wordnet30
2 housing that someone is living in
• he built a modest dwelling near the pond
• they raise money to provide homes for the homeless
source: wordnet30
3 the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men)
• he studied the creation and inhabitation and demise of the colony
source: wordnet30
4 The act of inhabiting; state of inhabiting or dwelling, or of being inhabited; occupancy.
source: webster1913
More Word(s)
dwell, inhabit, live, populate, occupancy, tenancy, housing, living accommodations, lodging, habitat, camping, encampment, tenting, cliff dwelling, aerie, bath, bathroom, bedchamber, bedroom, chamber,

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