Definisi 'demon'
English to English
1 an evil supernatural being
source: wordnet30
2 a cruel wicked and inhuman person
source: wordnet30
3 someone extremely diligent or skillful
• he worked like a demon to finish the job on time
• she's a demon at math
source: wordnet30
4 A spirit, or immaterial being, holding a middle place between men and deities in pagan mythology.
source: webster1913
Indonesian to Indonesian
5 makhluk atau roh yg jahat; hantu; setan;
source: kbbi3
6 orang yg bengis, tidak mengenal belas kasihan
source: kbbi3
More Word(s)
demonise, demonize, devilise, devilize, diabolise, evil spirit, actor, doer, worker, disagreeable person, incubus, succuba, succubus, dibbuk, dybbuk, demoniac,

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