Definisi 'compliment'
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1 a remark (or act) expressing praise and admiration
source: wordnet30
2 An expression, by word or act, of approbation, regard, confidence, civility, or admiration; a flattering speech or attention; a ceremonious greeting; as, to send one's compliments to a friend.
source: webster1913
3 say something to someone that expresses praise
• He complimented her on her last physics paper
source: wordnet30
4 express respect or esteem for
source: wordnet30
5 To praise, flatter, or gratify, by expressions of approbation, respect, or congratulation; to make or pay a compliment to.
source: webster1913
6 To pass compliments; to use conventional expressions of respect.
source: webster1913
More Word(s)
congratulate, complimentary, congratulation, felicitation, congratulatory, congratulations, extolment, kudos, praise, trade-last, flattery, fulsomeness, smarm, unction,

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