Definisi 'uncontrollable'
English to English
1 Incapable of being controlled; ungovernable; irresistible; as, an uncontrollable temper; uncontrollable events.
source: webster1913
adjective satellite
2 difficult to solve or alleviate
• uncontrollable pain
source: wordnet30
3 of persons
• the little boy's parents think he is spirited, but his teacher finds him unruly
source: wordnet30
4 incapable of being controlled or managed
• uncontrollable children
• an uncorrectable habit
source: wordnet30
5 impossible to repress or control
• an irrepressible chatterbox
• uncontrollable laughter
source: wordnet30
More Word(s)
buoyancy, irrepressibility, recalcitrance, recalcitrancy, refractoriness, uncontrolled, incorrigible, difficult, unmanageable, intractable,

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