Definisi 'bespeak'
English to English
1 A bespeaking. Among actors, a benefit (when a particular play is bespoken.)
source: webster1913
2 be a signal for or a symptom of
• These symptoms indicate a serious illness
• Her behavior points to a severe neurosis
• The economic indicators signal that the euro is undervalued
source: wordnet30
3 express the need or desire for; ask for
• She requested an extra bed in her room
• She called for room service
source: wordnet30
4 To speak or arrange for beforehand; to order or engage against a future time; as, to bespeak goods, a right, or a favor.
source: webster1913
5 To speak.
source: webster1913
More Word(s)
asking, request, sign, signal, signaling, communicate, pass, pass along, pass on, put across, tell, order, ask, encore, petition, demand, augur, call for, invite,
Related Word(s)
bespoke, bespoken, bespeak,

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