Definisi 'stunt'
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1 a difficult or unusual or dangerous feat; usually done to gain attention
source: wordnet30
2 a creature (especially a whale) that has been prevented from attaining full growth
source: wordnet30
3 A check in growth; also, that which has been checked in growth; a stunted animal or thing.
source: webster1913
4 A feat hard to perform; an act which is striking for the skill, strength, or the like, required to do it; a feat.
source: webster1913
5 check the growth or development of
• You will stunt your growth by building all these muscles
source: wordnet30
6 perform a stunt or stunts
source: wordnet30
7 To hinder from growing to the natural size; to prevent the growth of; to stint, to dwarf; as, to stunt a child; to stunt a plant.
source: webster1913
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