Definisi 'striker'
English to English
1 a forward on a soccer team
source: wordnet30
2 someone receiving intensive training for a naval technical rating
source: wordnet30
3 an employee on strike against an employer
source: wordnet30
4 someone who hits
• a hard hitter
• a fine striker of the ball
• blacksmiths are good hitters
source: wordnet30
5 the part of a mechanical device that strikes something
source: wordnet30
6 One who, or that which, strikes; specifically, a blacksmith's helper who wields the sledge.
source: webster1913
Indonesian to Indonesian
7 pemain bagian depan atau ujung tembak dl olahraga (msl sepak bola): -- kesebelasan ini dinilai bermain bagus tanpa terpengaruh cedera lutut yg masih dideritanya
source: kbbi3
More Word(s)
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