Definisi 'sterile'
English to English
1 incapable of reproducing
• an infertile couple
source: wordnet30
2 Producing little or no crop; barren; unfruitful; unproductive; not fertile; as, sterile land; a sterile desert; a sterile year.
source: webster1913
adjective satellite
3 free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms
• a sterile operating area
• aseptic surgical instruments
• aseptic surgical techniques
source: wordnet30
4 deficient in originality or creativity; lacking powers of invention
• a sterile ideology lacking in originality
• unimaginative development of a musical theme
• uninspired writing
source: wordnet30
More Word(s)
infertility, sterility, antisepsis, asepsis, fertile, unfruitful, impotent, unproductive, fecundity, fertility, uncreative, barren, sterilised, sterilized, unfertilised, antiseptic,

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