Definisi 'stadium'
English to English
1 a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
source: wordnet30
2 A Greek measure of length, being the chief one used for itinerary distances, also adopted by the Romans for nautical and astronomical measurements. It was equal to 600 Greek or 625 Roman feet, or 125 Roman paces, or to 606 feet 9 inches English. This was also called the Olympic stadium, as being the exact length of the foot-race course at Olympia.
source: webster1913
3 A modern structure, with its inclosure, resembling the ancient stadium, used for athletic games, etc.
source: webster1913
Indonesian to Indonesian
4 tingkatan dl daur hidup atau perkembangan suatu proses;
source: kbbi3
5 tingkatan masa (penyakit): usaha penyembuhan thd kanker pd -- awal lebih mudah dilakukan;
-- infeksi masa penyakit mulai menjalar
source: kbbi3
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periode, taraf, bagian, fase, tingkat, construction, structure, amphitheater, amphitheatre, coliseum, ballpark, park, field house, stand, standing room, tiered seat, athletic field,

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