Definisi 'beginning'
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adjective satellite
1 serving to begin
• the beginning canto of the poem
• the first verse
source: wordnet30
2 the event consisting of the start of something
• the beginning of the war
source: wordnet30
3 the time at which something is supposed to begin
• they got an early start
• she knew from the get-go that he was the man for her
source: wordnet30
4 the first part or section of something
• `It was a dark and stormy night' is a hackneyed beginning for a story
source: wordnet30
5 the place where something begins, where it springs into being
• the Italian beginning of the Renaissance
• Jupiter was the origin of the radiation
• Pittsburgh is the source of the Ohio River
• communism's Russian root
source: wordnet30
6 the act of starting something
• he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations
source: wordnet30
7 The act of doing that which begins anything; commencement of an action, state, or space of time; entrance into being or upon a course; the first act, effort, or state of a succession of acts or states.
source: webster1913
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