Definisi 'sentience'
English to English
1 state of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness
• the crash intruded on his awareness
source: wordnet30
2 the faculty through which the external world is apprehended
• in the dark he had to depend on touch and on his senses of smell and hearing
source: wordnet30
3 the readiness to perceive sensations; elementary or undifferentiated consciousness
• gave sentience to slugs and newts
source: wordnet30
4 The quality or state of being sentient; esp., the quality or state of having sensation.
source: webster1913
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in, sentient, sensibilise, sensibilize, sensify, sensitise, animate, insensate, insentient, aliveness, animateness, liveness, faculty, mental faculty, consciousness, modality, sense modality, sensory system, sensibility, sensitiveness,

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