Definisi 'sect'
English to English
1 a subdivision of a larger religious group
source: wordnet30
2 a dissenting clique
source: wordnet30
3 A cutting; a scion.
source: webster1913
4 Those following a particular leader or authority, or attached to a certain opinion; a company or set having a common belief or allegiance distinct from others; in religion, the believers in a particular creed, or upholders of a particular practice; especially, in modern times, a party dissenting from an established church; a denomination; in philosophy, the disciples of a particular master; a school; in society and the state, an order, rank, class, or party.
source: webster1913
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sectarian, dissentious, divisive, factious, faith, organized religion, religion, camp, clique, sisterhood, albigenses, cathari, cathars, high anglican church, splinter group, convent,

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