Definisi 'commercial'
English to English
1 connected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises
• commercial trucker
• commercial TV
• commercial diamonds
source: wordnet30
2 of or relating to commercialism
• a commercial attache
• commercial paper
• commercial law
source: wordnet30
3 Of or pertaining to commerce; carrying on or occupied with commerce or trade; mercantile; as, commercial advantages; commercial relations.
source: webster1913
adjective satellite
4 of the kind or quality used in commerce; average or inferior
• commercial grade of beef
• commercial oxalic acid
source: wordnet30
5 a commercially sponsored ad on radio or television
source: wordnet30
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commerce, commercialism, mercantilism, commercial message, non, ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, infomercial, informercial, commercialised, commercialized, mercantile, mercenary, inferior,

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