Definisi 'chief'
English to English
1 Highest in office or rank; principal; head.
source: webster1913
adjective satellite
2 most important element
• the chief aim of living
• the main doors were of solid glass
• the principal rivers of America
• the principal example
• policemen were primary targets
• the master bedroom
• a master switch
source: wordnet30
3 a person who is in charge
• the head of the whole operation
source: wordnet30
4 a person who exercises control over workers
• if you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman
source: wordnet30
5 the head of a tribe or clan
source: wordnet30
6 The head or leader of any body of men; a commander, as of an army; a head man, as of a tribe, clan, or family; a person in authority who directs the work of others; the principal actor or agent.
source: webster1913
More Word(s)
foremanship, autocratic, bossy, dominating, high-and-mighty, supervisor, leader, baas, ganger, assistant foreman, straw boss, administrator, glendower, owen glendower, hrolf, rolf, rollo, important, of import,

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