Definisi 'sloppy'
English to English
1 Wet, so as to spatter easily; wet, as with something slopped over; muddy; plashy; as, a sloppy place, walk, road.
source: webster1913
adjective satellite
2 lacking neatness or order
• a sloppy room
• sloppy habits
source: wordnet30
3 wet or smeared with a spilled liquid or moist material
• a sloppy floor
• a sloppy saucer
source: wordnet30
4 (of soil) soft and watery
• the ground was boggy under foot
• a marshy coastline
• miry roads
• wet mucky lowland
• muddy barnyard
• quaggy terrain
• the sloughy edge of the pond
• swampy bayous
source: wordnet30
5 not fitting closely; hanging loosely
• baggy trousers
• a loose-fitting blouse is comfortable in hot weather
source: wordnet30
6 excessively or abnormally emotional
source: wordnet30
7 marked by great carelessness
• a most haphazard system of record keeping
• slapdash work
• slipshod spelling
• sloppy workmanship
source: wordnet30
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carelessness, sloppiness, drippiness, mawkishness, mushiness, careless, emotional, loose, untidy, wet,

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