Definisi 'sheer'
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1 Bright; clear; pure; unmixed.
source: webster1913
adjective satellite
2 complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers
• absolute freedom
• an absolute dimwit
• a downright lie
• out-and-out mayhem
• an out-and-out lie
• a rank outsider
• many right-down vices
• got the job through sheer persistence
• sheer stupidity
source: wordnet30
3 not mixed with extraneous elements
• plain water
• sheer wine
• not an unmixed blessing
source: wordnet30
4 very steep; having a prominent and almost vertical front
• a bluff headland
• where the bold chalk cliffs of England rise
• a sheer descent of rock
source: wordnet30
5 so thin as to transmit light
• a hat with a diaphanous veil
• filmy wings of a moth
• gauzy clouds of dandelion down
• gossamer cobwebs
• sheer silk stockings
• transparent chiffon
• vaporous silks
source: wordnet30
6 straight up or down without a break
source: wordnet30
7 directly
• he fell sheer into the water
source: wordnet30
8 Clean; quite; at once.
source: webster1913
9 The longitudinal upward curvature of the deck, gunwale, and lines of a vessel, as when viewed from the side.
source: webster1913
10 turn sharply; change direction abruptly
• The car cut to the left at the intersection
• The motorbike veered to the right
source: wordnet30
11 cause to sheer
• She sheered her car around the obstacle
source: wordnet30
12 To shear.
source: webster1913
13 To decline or deviate from the line of the proper course; to turn aside; to swerve; as, a ship sheers from her course; a horse sheers at a bicycle.
source: webster1913
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