Definisi 'noble'
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1 of or belonging to or constituting the hereditary aristocracy especially as derived from feudal times
• of noble birth
source: wordnet30
2 having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character
• a noble spirit
• noble deeds
source: wordnet30
3 Possessing eminence, elevation, dignity, etc.; above whatever is low, mean, degrading, or dishonorable; magnanimous; as, a noble nature or action; a noble heart.
source: webster1913
adjective satellite
4 impressive in appearance
• a baronial mansion
• an imposing residence
• a noble tree
• severe-looking policemen sat astride noble horses
• stately columns
source: wordnet30
5 inert especially toward oxygen
• a noble gas such as helium or neon
• noble metals include gold and silver and platinum
source: wordnet30
6 a titled peer of the realm
source: wordnet30
7 A person of rank above a commoner; a nobleman; a peer.
source: webster1913
8 To make noble; to ennoble.
source: webster1913
More Word(s)
lowborn, aristocracy, nobility, noblesse, lordship, lady, noblewoman, peeress, ig, grandeur, magnanimousness, nobleness, honorable, honourable, male aristocrat, armiger, baron, burgrave, count, duke, don juan, mortimer, roger de mortimer, impressive, dignifying, ennobling, elevated, exalted, aristocratic,

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