Definisi 'narrowness'
English to English
1 the property of being narrow; having little width
• the narrowness of the road
source: wordnet30
2 an inclination to criticize opposing opinions or shocking behavior
source: wordnet30
3 a restriction of range or scope
• the problem with achievement tests is the narrowness they impose on students
• the attraction of the book is precisely its narrowness of focus
• frustrated by the narrowness of people's horizons
source: wordnet30
4 a small margin
• the president was not humbled by his narrow margin of victory
• the landslide he had in the electoral college obscured the narrowness of a victory based on just 43% of the popular vote
source: wordnet30
5 The condition or quality of being narrow.
source: webster1913
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narrow, broad-mindedness, broadness, wideness, slender, slim, narrow-minded, margin, breadth, width, limitation, restriction, fineness, thinness, parochialism, pettiness, provincialism,

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