Definisi 'academic'
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1 associated with academia or an academy
• the academic curriculum
• academic gowns
source: wordnet30
2 Belonging to the school or philosophy of Plato; as, the Academic sect or philosophy.
source: webster1913
adjective satellite
3 hypothetical or theoretical and not expected to produce an immediate or practical result
• an academic discussion
• an academic question
source: wordnet30
4 marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning especially its trivial aspects
source: wordnet30
5 an educator who works at a college or university
source: wordnet30
6 One holding the philosophy of Socrates and Plato; a Platonist.
source: webster1913
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academe, academia, academy, honorary society, academician, educator, pedagog, pedagogue, prof, professor, theoretical, scholarly,

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