Definisi 'matte'
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adjective satellite
1 not reflecting light; not glossy
• flat wall paint
• a photograph with a matte finish
source: wordnet30
2 a mixture of sulfides that forms when sulfide metal ores are smelted
source: wordnet30
3 the property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss
source: wordnet30
4 A partly reduced copper sulphide, obtained by alternately roasting and melting copper ore in separating the metal from associated iron ores, and called coarse metal, fine metal, etc., according to the grade of fineness. On the exterior it is dark brown or black, but on a fresh surface is yellow or bronzy in color.
source: webster1913
5 change texture so as to become matted and felt-like
• The fabric felted up after several washes
source: wordnet30
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